who we are

Aaron and Marisa Bailey, Trey, Rayna, and Faith

The Baileys joined the current work in 2005. In addition to leadership training, their ministries include developing children’s and family ministries, administration and team logistical services (Aaron), and teaching among the women both in town and the village (Marisa). They are supported by North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

They currently have three children: Trey (10), Rayna (5), and Faith (3). Trey enjoys cooking, reading, football (both American and International), and doing his homeschool lessons about the Solar System and Dinosaurs. Rayna loves jewelry, Trey’s toys, helping her “Baba” cook, washing dishes and pestering Trey. Faith enjoys imitating Rayna by pestering her the way Rayna pesters Trey. Together the family enjoys playing games, watching a movie together and taking walks down by the lake.

You can e-mail them at baileys@missionmwanza.org and follow their family on facebook.


Eric and Susan Guild, Matthew, Anna, Rebecca, & Elisabeth

Eric & Susan have family in Oregon and Texas, studied and met at Abilene Christian University, and married in 1996.  After university (M-Div, Biology) they moved to Tanzania in October 2000 to join the existing church planting movement among the Sukuma tribe.  While they live in Mwanza town they have continued the work strategy of planting churches, maturing churches, and training leaders in the rural areas of Sukumaland.  They have enjoyed watching churches grow, welcoming new teammates, hosting visitors, and seeing lives changed.

The Guilds enjoy spending time with team, as a family, and making new friends.  They recently welcomed Elisabeth into the family (2010), and their three older children, Matthew (2000), Anna (2002) and Rebecca (2005), attend Isamilo School in Mwanza and enjoy the many friendships and activities it offers.  They also enjoy reading, exercise (swimming, running, squash, soccer, rounders, biking, sailing), traveling in East Africa (Serengeti, Indian ocean, etc), drinking coffee & tea, and eating (especially ice cream).

You can email them at guilds@missionmwanza.org or follow them on facebook.


Jason and Emily Miller, Judah, Ezra, and Zoe

Jason and Emily Miller arrived on the field in Mwanza with their son Judah in March, 2006.  Jason has partnered with leaders to participate in church plants in the village, taught seminars to strengthen our church clusters, and has completed an extensive church survey. Emily has worked with one of her teammates Marisa in beginning a women’s ministry.

Judah is now 6 and his brother Ezra, is 4. They welcomed Zoe to the family in 2010. As a family they like to play outdoors, watch and/or play sports, read, play games and have fun with friends. They feel so blessed to be a part of this work and thank God for the opportunity to live and work in Mwanza and for his always abundant provision in all things. They are especially thankful for the support of the 3 congregations that lift them up in prayer and sustain their financial needs- Overland Park Church of Christ (sponsoring), Acklen Avenue Church of Christ and the Smithville Church of Christ.

You can email them at millers@missionmwanza.org or follow them on facebook.


Kevin and Charity Linderman, Josiah, Elijah, and Micah

Kevin and Charity arrived in Sukumaland in June of 2006, along with their two sons, Josiah (now 8 yrs. old) and Elijah (now 6 yrs. old). Micah joined their family in 2008, and Moriah in 2011. In addition to church planting, maturation, and leadership training, they are fostering the development of church-based HIV/AIDS support groups. They have been commissioned by the Landmark Church of Montgomery, Alabama, as part of their mission to see kingdom transformation of unreached and overlooked peoples of the world.

Kevin has received training in theology, missions, and community development, and Charity in social work. Charity is studying Kiswahili, and Kevin is working on Kiswahili and Kisukuma. Josiah and Elijah have recently started homeschooling–favorite subjects are book-reading, bird-watching, bike-riding, and football-playing.  Micah loves the garden hose, playing with our dog, tea-time, and gymnastics. And Moriah destroys lego creations.

You can email them at lindermans@missionmwanza.org or follow them on facebook.