Holistic Ministry

Margaret sharing on Christian marriage together with John (standing) and Manyama (seated next to Margaret).

Earlier this month, I had a chance to join three church leaders in ministry. One of the leaders, Manyama, had started an HIV/AIDS support group in his village. He invited John Kasabuya and his wife Margaret to help teach this new group.

Our mission has focused our biblical and ministry training on local leaders such as these, and John and Manyama have established themselves as strong leaders within their local churches, as well as in the larger church movement here. Our women’s ministry has focused on mentoring strong Christian women like Margaret. Additionally, these three leaders were together at a conference led by visiting missionaries Dr. Bruce and Beth Smith concerning the church and AIDS; they also have been greatly influenced by marriage seminars led by Fielden and Janet Allison.

With great joy, I watched these three leaders seamlessly integrate all of their training, as their teaching flowed from scripture to marriage enrichment to health issues to personal testimony to prayer. And they did all these things in a culturally-appropriate way, more effectively than we “foreign missionaries” are able to do.

We thank God for all the leaders he has provided here in Sukumaland–please join us in prayer for them as they continue to grow in faith and service to our Lord.

posted by Kevin Linderman